Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Can I come with my Scout on campouts and activities?
Yes! Email one of the organizing adults to convey your interest. All adults on campouts or activities will be required to have BSA youth protection training and VIRTUS training before they can come. If you are coming on an overnight campout you will need to bring your own personal camping gear and tent. If you don’t have gear, please let us know and we can likely get some for you to borrow.
Can I shadow a troop meeting?

Absolutely! Email our Scoutmaster at to set up a date and at the meeting, we can show you and your child around.

Does my Scout need camping gear immediately?

No. Scouts only need a good quality sleeping bag, eating equipment, clothes and the scout basic essentials for their first night of camping. A decently sized duffel bag or backpack will suffice to carry the gear for a weekend campout. The troop will provide other gear. However, make sure to check if specific gear is required. As your scout becomes more experienced and goes on more challenging adventures, other equipment will be needed.

How active is Troop 727?

Troop 727 is a very active troop. We hold campouts almost every month along with meetings and countless activities. There are plenty of opportunities to work on advancement and gain outdoor experience.

How can I become a Scoutmaster?

Thank you for your interest in making a difference! Email our scoutmaster at to get started on the process. The first step will be to fill out an Adult application and then get the required training (BSA Yout Protection training, VIRTUS training, and some Scoutmaster specific courses). Most of this training can be done online, but there is at least one weekend course needed to be fully trained called Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) which you can schedule after you get the initial training out of the way. We ask that our Scoutmasters be able to help with at least 5 events of some type throughout the year.

How do I become a Merit Badge Counselor?

We are always on the lookout for adults willing to be volunteers with the Scouts. If you have a hobby or career that lines up with one of the over 130 Merit Badges and would like to share that knowledge, please let us know. You can find out more by reading our Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor page.

How do I sign up my son for the troop?

It’s great you want to begin this journey for your son. Email our scoutmaster at to begin the process.

How do I volunteer in the troop?

Troop 727 welcomes all the help it can get from parents. We need drivers, planners, and committee members. Please email the scoutmaster at  to begin. The first step will be to fill out an Adult application and then get the required training (BSA Yout Protection training, VIRTUS training). Most of this training can be done online. Depending on your position you may also need some additional training; however, the majority of it is online.

How much does it cost to participate in Scouts BSA?

Scouts BSA charges around $60 to register in the national program (as of 2020). Additionally, Troop 727 charges additional fees to help pay for equipment, rental fees, insurance, and other expenses. In total, it costs a little over $100 to participate. Each campout usually costs around $10 per participant to pay for food. Some campouts or events will cost more to pay for activities. Each scout has the opportunity to raise money for their activities by selling popcorn and camp cards each year.

If cost is a problem, speak to one of our Scoutmasters and accommodations can be made.

How old does my child have to be to join?

To join scouts, youth who have earned the Arrow of Light Award in Cub Scouts may be at least 10 years old. Youth who have not earned the Arrow of Light Award must be 11 years old to join.

Is the program safe?

All troop leaders that work with the Scouts have undergone youth protection training, are background checked, and have been interviewed. Additionally, our chartered organization requires troop leaders to undergo VIRTUS training, which is a youth protection program created by the Catholic church. All high adventure activities such as climbing and shooting are supervised by adults trained and certified in the activity.

What are Advancement Meetings?

Advancement meetings, usually held on the 4th Thursday night of each month, provide an opportunity for Scouts to work solely on advancement. Scouts can meet merit badge counselors, sign off on requirements, and complete board of reviews along with other advancement related activities. Scouts working on merit badges can arrange to meet their counselors at the meeting.

What happens if my scout misses a meeting or campout?

Nothing bad. We understand families have other obligations to attend to and cannot make every troop event. Our campouts are excellent times for scouts early in their scouting journey to complete rank requirements that are outdoor-based, such as starting fires, setting up camps, cooking on camp stoves, etc.; however, we know that not everyone can be at every event, and that’s fine.

What is a Youth-led troop?

Troop 727 is Youth-Led, meaning most troop activities, meetings and decisions are planned by the scouts, themselves. The Scouts are supervised and guided by troop adults.

What is the PLC?

The PLC stands for Patrol Leaders Council and is composed of the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders, Scribe, and Troop Guide. This is the youth leadership of the troop. The council meets before every meeting from 3:30 to 4:00 and usually during advancement meetings. The PLC plans troop meetings and activities and makes decisions that impact the troop.

When and where are troop meetings?

Troop Meetings are usually held on Sundays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at either the Boone County Sheriff’s Office or the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish. Please check our Troop Calendar for which Sundays have meetings.

Where do I purchase the uniform?

The whole scouting uniform along with badges and the handbook can be purchased at a scout shop. The Troop can provide the green shoulder loops and the Troop number patch. We also provide a green neckerchief and slide once a scout earns their Tenderfoot.

We ask that scouts have a full uniform, which includes a uniform shirt, pants/shorts, and belt. The scout socks are not required, but they are wool and make excellent camping socks. Scouts should also have a Scout Handbook. The troop does have limited supplies in a “uniform closet” for where our families have passed down uniform parts that their youth no longer need. If you’d like to see what we have in the uniform closet and if it would fit your scout, please just contact a Scoutmaster.

Why Scouts BSA?

Scouts BSA is a nationwide organization that helps develop leadership, outdoor and life skills in our young people. Scouts BSA creates a positive, safe and engaging environment for young people to develop into well-rounded adults.

Will my scout be in the presence of Scouts their own age?

Yes, they should be! We group scouts into patrol by similar age. The patrol method allows Scouts to develop leadership skills in the presence of scouts their own age while interacting with scouts of other ages.