Troop 727 Rechartering

Dues this year will be $143 per scout, or $155 if they wish to receive Boy’s Life Magazine. The break down of this fees are described in the chart below. Your scout’s dues go towards paying for some troop gear, badges, awards, Court of Honor supplies, training materials and more. Both the BSA Registration Fee and the Accident Insurance amounts¬†go directly to the National BSA program.

This is an increase from last year’s amount as the BSA National membership fee has increased from $60 last year to $66 this year. The Troop dues and Dan Beard local accident insurance amounts have remained the same.

BSA Registration Fee (1)

BSA Accident Insurance (2)

Troop 727 Annual Dues (3)

Boy’s Life Magazine (4)

Total without Boys Life

Total with Boys Life







Two steps to recharter:

  1. Click the “Recharter Now” button below and complete a recharter registration for each scout
  2. Pay the Troop Treasurer no later than December 1st, 2020

Fees Explained

1. BSA Registration Fee is the national registration fee associated with rechartering. Everyone must pay this fee, both youth and adult scouters. This fee is prorated for those scouts who join after the annual recharter on a per-month basis. Please contact the Treasurer for a breakdown if you are joining in any month after January.

2. BSA Accident Insurance: Each Unit must be covered by unit supplemental accident insurance to help meet the costs of medical care if accidents occur. This is a council fee and can not be waived. The $5.50 is paid with the member’s application or during the charter renewal.¬†

3. Troop Dues: Troop dues cover the cost of purchasing new equipment, merit badge books for the troop library, merit badges, rank advancement badges, merit badge cards, rank advancement cards, as well as paying for basic uniform insignia (troop numbers, patrol patches, leadership patch, etc.). Dues also help pay for the Courts of Honor, including the annual Christmas Court of Honor and Lock-in.

4. Boys’ Life, the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, is available to all members at $12.00 (half the regular rate). Every boy is encouraged to subscribe to Boys’ Life because of the quality of reading and many articles that relate to the troop’s monthly program. It is part of a boy’s growth in Scouting too, and research proves a scout will stay in longer and advance further if he reads Boys’ Life.