Scout FAQ

Scout FAQ

Do I have to work on advancement?
No; however, all scouts will be highly encouraged to work on rank advancement as these are skills for life, as well as skills that can save lives.  Although advancement is an integral part of Troop 727 and scouting, scouts do not have to work on advancement if they do not wish. Each scout will advance at their own pace.
Do I need to bring a tent to campouts?

The troop has a supply of three-person tents that we use for each campout. Each pair of scouts will get a tent, stakes and a tarp. At the end of the campout, one scout will take the tent home to clean and the other will take the tarp. Usually, at the following meeting, scouts can drop off tents for the quartermaster to pick up.

Do I need to run for a position in each troop election?

No, but we encourage all scouts to learn leadership. Running for a troop position is an optional decision that scouts may choose to undertake. However, multiple ranks require scouts to serve in a leadership position, or complete a leadership project. If you have questions on which is right for you, speak to a Scoutmaster about your options.

How do I find a tent-mate for a campout?

Many patrols pair up with their patrol members for campouts if possible. If nobody in your patrol is at the campout, ask another scout. Always make sure your tent-mate is within two years of your age.

How do I find merit badge counselors?

First, contact the Scoutmaster asking about the merit badges. You can email him or discuss it with him at a meeting. He will provide you a list of counselors both in and out of the troop and prepare a blue card for you. Next, contact one of the counselors to set up a date and time. Always make sure to complete any requirements that your counselor asks you to do beforehand.

How do I get a Board of Review?

If you have finished all the requirements for the rank and completed a Scoutmaster Conference, head over to the Requests Page on this website and submit a request for a Board of Review. You can also contact a Scoutmaster or the Advancement Chair.

How do I sign up for campouts/activities?

The sign-up sheets for all the year’s activities/campouts are posted on the website under the Who’s Camping tab. Once you’ve found the event you’re looking for, head over to the Sign Up tab to sign up. You should see your name on the sign-up sheets in the following days. You can also sign up at a meeting via the paper sign up sheets. Please pay for the events as you sign up for them.

I have an idea for a troop activity. What should I do?

It’s great that you have an idea. First, go talk to your patrol leader about your idea. Make sure you have relevant information including the location and possible costs. The patrol leader will bring up your idea at the Patrol Leader Conference (PLC) where it will be discussed. If necessary, your idea will be brought up at the yearly planning meeting.

I would like to sign off on some requirements. How do I proceed?

Email one of our Scoutmasters, and set up a time and place to meet. Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment. If you require a specific piece of equipment or tool, email the troop quartermaster. If you are planning to meet at a troop meeting, make sure that you work on the requirement before or after, not during, the meeting. We also have the advancement meetings scheduled where time is specifically set aside for working on advancement. Our campouts are also excellent times to work on requirements.

What are Advancement Meetings?

Advancement meetings, usually held on the 4th Thursday night of each month, provide an opportunity for Scouts to work solely on advancement. Scouts can meet merit badge counselors, sign off on requirements, and complete board of reviews along with other advancement related activities. Scouts working on merit badges can arrange to meet their counselors at the meeting.

What are the requirements to hammock camp during a campout?

On most campouts, scouts who have attained the rank of First-Class can hammock camp provided they bring their own hammock. All hammock camping scouts must have a spot in a tent in case the weather requires them to leave their hammocks. They should also be hammocking with a  buddy nearby. That buddy can be in a tent, or in another hammock.

What are the requirements to run for Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)

Scouts who decide to run for Senior Patrol Leader must have achieved the rank of First Class and have attended National Youth Leadership Training.

What is a Blue Card?

Blue Cards are an organizational system used to keep track of merit badges completed by scouts, merit badge counselors and the troop. A blue card is a rectangular card divided into three different parts. The card includes a place for your information, the counselor’s information, merit badge name and a place to mark off each requirement you complete. When you complete the merit badge, the counselor keeps one part of the blue card, another part goes to your troop and you keep the last part. Make sure to keep your completed blue cards in a safe location as you may need them.

What is a Youth-led troop?

Troop 727 is Youth-Led, meaning most troop activities, meetings and decisions are planned by the scouts, themselves. The Scouts are supervised and guided by troop adults.

What is National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)?

NYLT is a week-long BSA program that develops leadership skills in scouts to aid them in leading their troops. Troop 727 requires all scouts running for Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader to have completed NYLT.

What is the Introduction To Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST)?

ILST is a troop-level program that provides scouts with the skills to serve in their leadership roles successfully. ILST is held after every troop election to train the scouts in their new roles. All scouts that have been elected to a position must attend, even if they have attended ILST previously. You must complete ILST before you can attend National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).

What is the PLC?

The PLC stands for Patrol Leaders Council and is composed of the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders, Scribe, and Troop Guide. This is the youth leadership of the troop. The council meets before every meeting from 3:30 to 4:00 and usually during advancement meetings. The PLC plans troop meetings and activities and makes decisions that impact the troop.

What is the song the troop sings at the end of each meeting?

At the end of each meeting the troop stands up and solemnly sings ‘Scout Vespers’ before departing. It is sung to the tune of “O’ Christmas Tree”

Softly falls the light of day,
While our campfire fades away.
Silently each Scout should ask
Have I done my daily task?
Have I kept my honor bright?
Can I guiltless sleep tonight?
Have I done and have I dared
Everything to be prepared?

When and where are troop meetings?

Troop Meetings are usually held on Sundays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at either the Boone County Sheriff’s Office or the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish. Please check our Troop Calendar for which Sundays have meetings.