Troop Activity Happening This Week

Thursday-March 19, 2015, Troop Committee Meetings

  • Who: Committee Members, Scoutmasters, Open to all Parents
  • What: Troop Committee Meeting
  • Where: Acree Hall, IHM Complex
  • When: 7:00-8:30 PM
  • Uniform: None required

Friday-March 20, 2015, IHM Fish Fry Service Hours

  • Who: Scouts and Adults Needed
  • What: Assist with Fish Fry (Drive Thru or Bussing Tables)
  • Where: IHM Complex
  • When: 4:00-8:00 PM
  • Register Here

Saturday-March 21, 2015 Merit Badge Challenge-Final Session

  • Who: Scouts who have previously signed up
  • What: Merit Badge Challenge 2nd and final session
  • Where: Dixie Heights High School
  • When: Opening Ceremony starts at 8:00 AM
  • Uniform: Class A
  • Closing Ceremony: 3:00 PM in Auditorium.

Sunday-March 22, 2015 Pancake Breakfast

  • Who: Scouts and Parents Needed
  • What: Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser
  • Where: IHM Britt Hall
  • When:
    • 1st Shift: 6:30-10:00 AM
    • 2nd Shift: 10:00 AM-1:30 PM
  • Uniform: Class B

Sunday-March 22nd, Troop Meeting

  • No Troop Meeting


I am so excited to see the blue sky and feel the warmth of the Sun. We’re on our way to better weather!!

Troop Birthday Party: Sunday, March 29, 2015. The troop will be 16 years old on April 1. We are celebrating the 16 years of success on 3/29. This is going to be a real birthday party with cake, ice cream, punch, and games. Along with all troop members, we’re asking all the former Eagle Scouts to come to the troop meeting from 4-6 PM and help us celebrate.  Help us spread the word!!

Information About Fundraisers: It’s our troop policy that each scout is to participate in 2 of 3 fundraisers. Pancake Breakfast (March), Donut (May, limited to the first 21 scouts to sign up), and Spaghetti (October). Penalty for not doing so is $100.00. The annual fundraisers help the troop purchase and service equipment, keep our trailers serviced, and ultimately keeps dues reasonable.

Go Karting: Saturday 3/28/2015

The venue we visited last year in Indiana, is now closed. We will be going to Florence, KY new Xhilaracing facility. New requirements and cost. We will likely do 2 races but, it is up to the individual. You can have fun with one race.

Height Requirement: 48 ” (this has changed from 56″), Cost: $13.50 per race (Scouts), $18.00 per race (Adults)

Moms: A challenge went out to you to put Danika Patrick in her place. Dads: Show Richard Petty he has nothing on you.

Yearbooks: If you signed up for a yearbook the troop purchased one for you.  They will be at the next troop event or meeting for pickup. They are $20…

IHM Fish Fry Volunteers: We still need scouts and adult volunteers for the Fish Fry on Friday 3/20 . Register Here.

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Volunteers (March 22nd): Scouts and parents can sign up now for 1st shift (6:30-10:00 AM) or 2ndshift (10:00AM-1:30PM). When registering include what shift you are volunteering for Register HereImportant Note: Fundraisers and Maintenance days are mandatory events. Each scout is required to participate in 2 of 3 fundraisers annually (Pancake, Donut or Spaghetti). This helps us as a group to keep our dues affordable.

Selling Tickets: Scouts were given tickets to sell at 3/8 troop meeting. Scouts should sell at minimum 5 tickets. If scouts sell more than 15 Tickets, then 100% of sales greater than 15 will go into the scout’s account for use on camping trips or at the scout shop, etc. Be sure that when the ticket is sold, scouts should circle on the ticket if for child or adult. Scouts can also sell tickets at this week’s Fish Fry. If you are interested in setting up a table and selling tickets please contact the Scoutmaster. Extended family members make great patrons!

Survey Fundraiser: April 14th for Adults 18-65+

The troop has an opportunity to raise over $1000 for equipment by conducting an in-person survey. The survey is for adults only and requires you to show up in person. The survey will be at Acree Hall from 3:30-7:00 PM and it is administered by Various Views Marketing Research and the results will help PG&E. We are asking each scout to recruit 5 adults for the survey. This will greatly help out the troop with purchasing equipment that we really need. The survey takes 15-30 minutes. We’re not asking for money but, something that you can give for free, your time. Pass the below link to others in your family and let’s get as many people signed up as possible to help. These fundraisers also help us keep our dues in perspective.

CLICK HERE to reserve your survey time:

Summer Camp 2015

Important: At this point you should have paid 50% of summer camp tuition. Register Here.

Summer Camp 2015 will be at Ransburg, Indiana this year. The dates are July 26-August 1, 2015, Cost is $285. Below is the payment plan if you would like to break up the payment.

  1. February 8th Payment: $71.25
  2. March 8th Payment: $71.25 (Must have 50% of payment)
  3. April 12th Payment: $71.25
  4. April 26th Payment: $71.25
  5. Final payment deadline for troop is May 1st(Finalizing payments after this date there is a $25 late registration fee due Ransburg)
  6. Ransburg Summer Camp.

Scout Strong Fitness Program: We have started the Scout Strong Fitness program on January 18th. It’s not too late to join in. In the next 8 weeks, scouts and adults are encouraged to exercise daily, log your fitness activity for 5 of 7 days and 6 of 8 weeks. Once you complete the program you receive the presidential fitness award and can wear on your uniform permanently. Bring the online certificate to your scoutmaster and you will be presented with the award patch. There is a link on our web page.

Troop Apparel: Troop Sweatshirts, Polo’s and Red Caps/Beanies.

  • T-Shirts-$12
  • Sweatshirts-$22
  • Polo Shirts-$21
  • Name on shirt-$3
  • Baseball Caps w/Troop Logo Embroidered-$12
  • Beanie Caps w/Troop Logo Embroidered-$10

To place an order, click HERE. When you place your order, please list size, quantity, and name(s) that will go on the sweatshirt/Polo. If no name, please list- No Name