Friday, Nov 4-6, 2016 -Recon Campout

NOTE: We are still looking for one more adult who can stay Friday and Saturday night in order to have a split camp. The volunteer needs to be current on both Virtus training and BSA Youth Protection Training. Please contact Mike Wood at if you can help!

  • Destination: Camp Michaels
  • Trip Lead: Mr. Wood
  • Trailer Wrangler: Rob Cummings
  • Who: Registration is closed. If you haven’t paid, please do so by the Nov 20th meeting.
  • Departure: Boys will need to be dropped off at Camp Michaels at 4:30 PM. PLC members should arrive around 4:15 PM.
  • Return: Boys can be picked up from Camp Michaels starting at 10:30 AM on Sunday.
  • Uniform: Class A Uniform for arrival at camp (wear Class B under your Class A)
  • Cost: $10.00
  • Forms Required: 
    • Activity Consent Form: This must be signed by parent/guardian and scout.
    • BSA Health Medical Forms: If we don’t have one on file for you we need a standard Medical form completed, both A & B parts.
    • Optional Medication Form: If you are bringing medication please complete one of these and turn it in when you arrive.
  • Notes:
    • Check the local weather for this weekend. Make sure you bring appropriate gear.
    • Camouflage and dark clothing is suggested for the recon challenge on Saturday night. Other tools, like binoculars, are also encouraged.
    • This camp out is a challenge weekend for the boys. The troop will be split into two groups that will then compete against challenges that include games, cooking, pitching the best campsite and, of course, observation skills.

Scout Master’s Meeting

  • When: Thursday, Nov 3rd, 7 PM -8:30 PM
  • Event Lead: Mr. Wood
  • Location: Mr. Wood’s House
  • Who: Any Scout Master or Parent
  • Uniform: None
  • Notes:

Service Hours Opportunity

  • When: Sunday, Nov 6th, 2:00 PM – 4 or 5 PM
  • Event Lead: Mr. Davies
  • Location: Knights of Columbus Donut Trailer at IHM
  • Who: Any scout who needs service hours. If you plan to attend please registration on the activity registration form and use the “KoC Trailer Service” as the comment.
  • Uniform: Class C (or really anything you don’t mind getting dirty)
  • Cost: -Free-
  • Notes:
    • Mr. Davies is going to be cleaning the Knights of Columbus Donut trailer this weekend and preparing it for Winter.
    • He needs about 6 to 8 boys to help.
    • This WILL count towards your service hours for your rank advancements, so if you need service hours make sure to sign up!

Flag Posting for Veteran’s Day

It is an honor for our boys to post flags at the grave sites of our veterans. Each year for Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day we post flags and then the following week retrieve them.

  • When: Thursday, Nov 10th, 4:45 PM (SHARP!)  for Posting.
  • Event Lead: Mrs. Petit
  • Location: Cemetery on KY 18 next to the Fire Station just down from IHM.
  • Who: Any scout. If you plan to attend please registration on the activity registration form and use the “Flag Posting” and/or “Flag Retrieval” as the comment.
  • Uniform: Class A
  • Cost: -Free-
  • Notes:
    • It does not take long to put out the flags. Please arrive by 4:40 PM or earlier in order to be counted! If you show up at 5 or 5:15 it may all be done by then.
    • Volunteer Scouts be sure to make sure your name gets recorded by Mrs. Petit so you can get credit for extra Super Scout points!
    • Look for retrieval information in next week’s update.

Saturday, Nov 12, 2016 – NOVA Woosh!

Do you know the secret to moving the world? Do you wonder how roller coasters are made? The answers to these questions can actually be found at your local playground! Time to put your “Mentally Awake” oath to the test. Come learn about how engineering affects our lives and work on earning the NOVA Woosh! award. The NOVA awards are a set of awards for Scouts that focus on STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

  • When: Saturday, Nov 12th, 12:30 PM to 3 PM
  • Location: Boone Woods. We will meet at one of the available shelters.
  • Who: Registration will close on Nov 10th, sign up at using “NOVA” on the activity registration form.
  • Uniform: Class A
  • Cost: -Free-
  • Notes:
    • Mrs. Heilman will be the Nova Counselor for this session. Mrs. Petit will be the Assistant Scout Master at the event.
    • Bring a full water bottle and a small snack.
    • Only some of the requirements for Woosh! will be covered at the session. Interested scouts will need to complete the other requirements of the award on their own and follow up with the NOVA Counselor to get them signed off. It is preferred the requirements are satisfied prior to the session, but the merit badge requirement can be completed at a later time. Further information will be sent out via email soon but you can look at requirements 1 and 2 at as work that will need to be completed outside of the session.
    • The boys will be able to go direct from the session to help with the food drive leaflet drop off project in the Kingsgate community.

 Announcements, Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!!

Food Drive

The food drive is coming! The food drive is coming! On November 12th we will be passing out leaflets to request some items for needy families this year. One of our Scouts will be leading this project as a leadership project. Look for more information about this next week, but please put it on your calendar to have some time set aside on Nov. 12th starting at 3 PM to bring your scout. The following weekend we will be collecting, so there’s two opportunities to help.

Participating in the food drive WILL count towards Service Hours. Just make sure that you are recorded as attending. You can sign up for either Food drive leaflet drop off or item pickup on the activity registration form. Just put down leaflet drop off or item pickup as your comment.

Popcorn Money

You got your final orders in to Mrs Goodwin, right? Please bring in any money you have collected from your popcorn orders to turn in at the meeting on Oct 30th.

Leadership Projects

Given the size of our troop it’s not possible for all boys to get a chance to be in one of the positions such as Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, etc. In order to meet the leadership requirements you can instead perform Leadership Projects! Mr. Wood has a couple of leadership projects available, or if you have your own project in mind please see him.

There is the opportunity for a leadership project now for organizing a shoe collection for Soles for Souls. This is a one time collection on Scout Sunday and we are looking for a boy to lead the advertising, organizing and collecting of the shoes. This one is time sensitive, so if you have an interest please contact Mr. Wood directly!

Spaghetti Dinner Tickets

Just as a reminder, each boy was expected to sell $30 worth of tickets for the dinner. If you have any ticket money you’ve not turned in please do so at the next meeting. If you didn’t quite make the $30 in sales, please see the treasurer at the next meeting to settle up.


In next week’s update look for information about:

  • More information on the Food Drive leaflet drop off on Nov 12th.
  • Flag retrieval for Veteran’s day.
  • Merit Badge Challenge for next spring has registration opening on Nov 14th!
  • Court of Honor and Lock-in.