Thursday, January 23rd – PLC Meeting

  • When: Thursday –  6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Location: Acree Hall at IHM Campus
  • Who: All members of the PLC, or a representative. Patrol Leaders: If you can’t make it you need to find a representative to attend in your place and contact the SPL to let them know.
  • Uniform: Class B
  • Notes:
    • You will be working on planning the content for upcoming meetings and campouts

Thursday, January 23rd – Advancement

Please remember that while this is an optional meeting for those wanting to work on rank advancement.

If you are wanting a Scoutmaster conference or board, you must still request them the same as usual by signing up at If you have a specific skill or rank advancement you need to work on please talk with the PLC to ensure we can have someone there to work with you on it.

  • When: Thursday –  6:30 PM – 8 PM
  • Location: Acree Hall at IHM Campus
  • Who: Adult Leaders and all scouts interested in working on rank requirements.
  • Uniform: Class B (Preference is for Class A if you are taking a Board of Review)
  • Notes:
    • Scoutmasters will be there for Scoutmaster conferences
    • If you have a Merit Badge you are working on with a counselor, you may want to reach out to them to see if they can meet you there
    • This is an optional meeting for scouts
    • Please do NOT drop off scouts without verifying at least two registered Scouters (adults) are present.


The next troop meeting is scheduled for February 16th, the location will be Britt Hall at IHM. The next advancement meeting will be on Jan 23rd at Acree Hall.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • March 8th is the deadline to sign up for the Cooking campout in March
  • February 9th is the deadline for the initial $75 deposit for Summer Camp at Camp Ransburg

Merit Badge Challenge Registration Closing Feb 8th

If you have an interest in signing up for Merit Badge Challenge, the registration is closing February 8th!

Please remember that the Merit Badge Challenge is put on at the district level, and is not a troop run event. Scouts should get their blue cards from Mr. Wood prior to the event.

Scout Sunday, Date Correction! – February 2nd

In the last update, it was announced that Scout Sunday would be on February 4th… which is a Tuesday. So… yeah, a Tuesday is not Scout Sunday. The date is actually Sunday, February 2nd.

Recon Campout Registration Extended till Feb 2nd

The deadline to sign up was at the last meeting, but we still might have a little room if someone is interested. The cost is $10 per scout. Register Online or sign up by Feb 2nd to see if we can still fit you in. Drop off for the campout will be at IHM at 5:30 PM, and pick up will be at 10:15 AM on Sunday. The campout itself will be at Cub World.

Summer Camp Deposit

As announced previously, we are going to Summer Camp at Camp Ransburg. The dates for camp are June 28th – July 4th. The total cost of the camp will be $400/scout. The first deposit of $75 is due by Feb 8th. We will not have a meeting prior to 8th, so please arrange to send the money to the Treasurer (Mr. Goetz) or get it to the Scoutmaster.

You can find out more about Summer Camp on our Summer Camp page.

Upcoming Campouts

We have our entire 2020 year detailed in our Troop Calendar. It would be a great help for our planning if scouts looked over the calendar and then signed up either online, or at one of the meetings, for all the events that they are interested in for the year. This allows the PLC to have a better idea of the number of people coming early, as well as ensure that we can have enough drivers for the events.