Happy New Year!

Jan 10th-12th– Cabin Campout

  • Drop off: Friday 5:30 PM at IHM in the lot near the trailer
  • Pickup: Sunday, 10:15 AM at IHM in the lot near the trailer
  • Trailer Wrangler: Mr. Bentley will be hauling gear in his truck
  • Event Lead: Mr. Wood
  • Location: Camp Oyo in Portsmouth, OH
  • Who: See Who’s Camping for who’s signed up. Registration is closed.
  • Required Paperwork:
    • Activity Consent Form: This must be signed by parent/guardian and scout.
    • BSA Health Medical Forms: If we don’t have one on file for you we need a standard Medical form completed, both A & B parts.
    • Optional Medication Form: If you are bringing medication please complete one of these and turn it in when you arrive. Please be sure to fill out the medication form completely.
  • Register: Registration is closed.
  • Cost: $25
  • Notes:
    • The current weather is looking mostly wet, but not overly cold.
    • We will be in a heated cabin, but bring cold-weather and rain gear for when we are outside.


The next troop meeting is scheduled for January 19th, the location will be Britt Hall at IHM. The next advancement meeting will be on Jan 23rd at Acree Hall.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Jan 19th is the deadline to sign up for the Recon Campout in February

PLC Meeting – January 23rd

Don’t forget that there is a PLC meeting scheduled the same night as the advancement meeting on Thursday, January 23rd. It starts at 6:30 PM at Acree Hall.

Scout Sunday, February 4th

A scout is reverent. All members of the troop are encouraged to attend their place of worship on Sunday, Feb 4th, in full Class A uniform.

All members of the Troop, and their families, are also invited to come to the afternoon Mass at IHM, regardless of their faith. We request that all scouts arrive by 12:10 PM. Scouts will be greeting church members as they arrive and will attend Mass. After the service, there will be photos of the troop. Please wear full Class A uniform, including Merit Badge sashes, medals and neckerchiefs if you have them.

For those interested in a Scout Sunday patch, after Scout Sunday you will have the opportunity to request one. They will be for Scouts who attended a service in uniform, either at IHM or their own place of worship. We will not be ordering patches for all, only for those interested in having the collector patch.

This year there is no Scout meeting on Scout Sunday.

Recon Campout – February 7th-9th

It doesn’t seem like that long ago since our last Recon camp (Nov.) but it’s time on the schedule for the next one! The weekend of Feb 7th-9th we have a Recon camp set for up at Cub World.

Jan 19th is the last week to sign up for Recon camp since we won’t have another meeting prior to the campout. This year’s Recon campout is a weekend of challenges, games and the culminating event of recon of Saturday night! The scouts are divided into two teams for the event and each tries to gather more information about the base camp of the other. The more “intel” the more points. Imagine sneaking around the woods at night, trying not to get caught by the other side, and spying on the competition. Throw in a few games and other scout challenges throughout the weekend and it’s a ton of fun!

The cost is $10 per scout. Register Online or sign up by the next meeting. The deadline for signing up for Recon camp is BEFORE or AT the meeting on Jan 19th. Drop off for the campout will be at IHM at 5:30 PM, and pick up will be at 10:15 AM on Sunday. The campout itself will be at Cub World.

National Scout Jamboree Participant Registration is Open

Every four years the Boy Scouts of America holds the National Scout Jamboree. The next one is July 21st-30th, 2021 and the registration for participants is now open!

Find out more about the Jamboree from the Scouting Magazine’s Blog and sign up at the official website. You can also talk to other scouts in our troop who have been to the Jamboree in previous years. Depending on what years you join scouting, and if you stay in scouting with Venturing or Sea Scouts, this is sometimes a once, or maybe twice, in a lifetime chance to participate in the event as a youth!

Missed Philmont? Individual Treks for 2020 are Open!

Did you miss the Philmont trip last year? Or maybe you went, but are now missing being out there and want to go again? The troop isn’t planning on a trip just yet, but you can actually sign up for “individual treks” where you are placed with another crew to go.

You can find out more about this opportunity on the Individual Trek site.