Friday, March 16th- IHM Fish Fry Service Opportunity

We are helping with the IHM Friday Fish Frys each Friday from now until March 23rd. This year we are using a Sign-up Genius form so that it’s easier to select spots and see where we need help. Get registered for your slots! All Scouts can choose to sign up for a 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM shift which will include busing tables, cleaning trays, picking up trash and helping with recycling.

This counts towards Service Hours for rank advancement! Make sure a Troop leader, or adult there helping the troop, records you are there and signs off on any service hours. Sign up! This is an excellent way to get some service hours for our new scouts.

Sunday, March 18th – Pancake Breakfast

The Pancake breakfast is one of our major fundraisers for the troop. It will take place this coming Sunday and we’ll need volunteers to help staff the event. Here’s how this works:

  • When:
    • Shift One: 6:30 AM -10:00 AM
    • Shift Two: 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Location: Britt Hall, IHM
  • Who: All Scouts must participate in two of the mandatory fundraisers each year. This is one option to meet a portion of that requirement.
  • Uniform: Class B (The red troop shirt, if you don’t own one, then a Scout related shirt will do. Do not wear Class A as it could get messy)
  • Notes:
    • We have a few major fundraisers in the year and each Scout must work as a volunteer at least two of them. The pancake breakfast is one of these opportunities. Other opportunities will be later in the year (Spaghetti dinner, donuts and the Flying Pig marathon).
    • We will have two shifts: Shift One (also known as the O-Dark-Thirty shift) is at 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM. Shift Two is at 9:30 AM to 1 PM. Note that there is overlap on these shifts on purpose.
    • Scouts can sign up for a shift by using sign up Genius. Please try to  balance the shifts as much as possible.
    • Each Scout, regardless of if they can help at the actual breakfast date, is asked to sell at a minimum $25 worth of ticket sales unless they prepaid their fundraiser agreement. The costs of the tickets are $5/adult, $3 for ages 10 and lower and anyone under is 2 is free. A family of five ticket can be sold for $16. Sell two family tickets and you meet your minimum.
    • Scouts and Scout families do not eat for free even if they are working the fundraiser.
    • When selling the tickets mention that the proceeds go to the Scout Troop itself.
    • Any amount sold over the $25 minimum goes straight into the boys’ Scout Account to help pay for Scouting events like summer camp, campouts, etc. It’s a great way to subsidize the cost of the events throughout the year.
    • Any amount not meeting the minimum amount of sales is expected to made up by the family of the scout unless you prepaid on the fundraiser agreement. If you see only $20 worth of tickets you’ll need to provide the remaining $5.
    • Since this is a fundraiser specifically for the troop it does NOT count as service hours.


Sunday, March 18th – Troop Meeting

  • When: Sunday, March 18th –  4 PM – 6 PM, PLC at 3:30 PM
  • Location: Britt Hall, IHM
  • Who: All Scouts, Adult Leaders, and Parents
  • Uniform: Class A
  • Notes:
    • Deadline to turn in money from Pancake Breakfast ticket sales
    • Last chance for Patrol Leaders to turn in Patrol award forms (Baden Powell Award and National Patrol Honor Award)
    • Deadline to pay for Spring Camporee – $17 for Scouts, $7 for adults.



Upcoming Deadlines

We have a few deadlines for things coming up.

  • March 18th – Turn in money from ticket sales from Pancake Breakfast
  • March 18th – Last chance for Patrol Leaders to turn in Patrol award forms (Baden Powell Award and National Patrol Honor Award)
  • March 18th – Pay for Spring Camporee. $17 for Scouts, $7 for adults. The additional cost is to cover the district charge for the patch, materials and programming put on at the event.
  • April 8th – Final payment for Ransburg Summer camp is due. $150
  • April 15th – Next payment for Yellowstone trip is due. $250


Advancement Meeting – Thursday, March 22nd

We will be meeting at the Main Branch of the Boone County Library, Room C starting at 6:30 PM. Remember, this is an optional meeting for those wanting to work on rank advancement, get a Scoutmaster Conference, or Board of Review. You still need to request the conference or board the same as usual by signing up at If you have a specific skill or rank advancement you need to work on please talk with the PLC to ensure we can have someone there to work with you on it.


Order of the Arrow Members – Don’t Forget Your Dues!

If you are an Arrowman (meaning you’ve passed your Ordeal), please don’t forget to pay your OA Dues for the year. You can choose to just pay the dues ($15) and pay for each event you may attend separately, or you can pay for a 2018 Season pass ($60). The Season Pass gets you tickets to Winter Banquet (valued at $25), Membership Dues (valued at $15), Lock-In (Valued at $15), and Fall Fellowship (Valued at $15). This saves you $10 if you go to all of these events.


NOVA – Designed to Crunch – March 31st

Did you know that mathematics touches many aspects of our lives that we don’t even think about? Your mind does trillions upon trillions of operations a second, and actually performs complex geometry problems and physics equations in the blink of an eye! If it didn’t you wouldn’t be able to catch things that are thrown at you or keep yourself from running into things. The next NOVA Award being offered is Designed to Crunch, focusing on how Math affects our lives. Oh, and you’ll get to watch some Basketball too. Be on the look out for the sign up sheet at the meetings, or sign up online. Just use the regular sign up form and indicate NOVA as the event. The time is not set yet, but will be after 4 PM in the evening and set around watching one of the final four games.


Sign ups are open! – Flying Pig Marathon Fundraiser – May 6th

We are in need of 40 volunteers to sign up and attend the Flying Pig Marathon on Sunday, May 6! This is a big fundraiser for the troop, and it is fun! Hours will be 6:30 am to approximately 12:30 PM. Deadline to sign up is April 27th. After that point, if we don’t have our numbers they will assign our slot to someone else and we will not receive any money.

We also were informed that we could make more money if we receive First, Second or Third place in decorating our station and making it a station the runners will not forget! So, we will have music and please send in your creative ideas on how we can win! See below on how to register!

Scouts that come must be 14 or over to help out, but we need adults too. For those Scouts ages 14-18, we will need 1:3 ratio of adults. Please come and join us!

Note that this year working the Flying Pig Marathon will count as working one of the two required fundraisers for the year!

  1. Follow the direct link to our online volunteer registration site:
  2. Complete Required Volunteer Information – You’ll need to complete a registration for each volunteer (sorry)
  3. Use 727 as the group password when asked near the end of the form.
  4. Click “Get Me Registered” to submit your information


Save the Date – Marketing Fundraiser – March 27th

Mrs. Hamm sent out the sign up for the marketing fundraiser today. This is a great fundraiser because it doesn’t require you to sell anything. All it takes is for you to collect some family and friends, and come answer a few questions about potential products. This is for adults only. All those that sign up must be over 18. The event will be at Acree Hall on the IHM Campus.  After you’re done answering questions, you can also take the night from cooking and head over to Wendy’s on KY 18 to eat dinner. We are having a “Week of Wendy’s” fundraiser going from March 22nd – 28th. Mrs. Hamm sent out the flyer for that as well today.

Sign up for Marketing Fundraiser!