All troop meetings and activities are currently on hold.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • April 12th is the deadline for the early bird pricing for Summer Camp at Camp Ransburg
  • July 1st is the deadline for the final payments for the Acadia trip

You can contact Mr. Wood or Mr. Goetz to get an address to mail payments to.

Eagle Scout Projects and Time Limits

We have several of our scouts who are in a position of wanting to complete their Eagle Projects prior to their 18th birthday, but now have the added complexity of the request for social distancing. I have reached out to the Council Advancement Committee to ask them how this may be handled, especially in situations where the location for the project is closed or gatherings can not happen to complete the projects. The response I received was that something will be announced from National as it’s being reviewed currently.

My suggestion to any scout in this situation is to complete ALL other requirements that you can, especially if you can get them done remotely. You should be able to call counselors and talk to them for merit badges and use technology to provide your demonstrations (videos, facetime, etc.). Just always make sure you have a buddy (parent, sibling, etc.) with you and copy other adults on any email.

If all you have left is your project, please reach out to me and make sure I’m aware this is the situation you are in. Please do not request that people come to work on a project at this time as we are being asked to hold all extracurricular activities by our charter organization, Scout council, and state agencies.

As soon as I know more I will communicate it more broadly.

Activities Update

The Committee will meet soon to discuss the upcoming events; however, at this time we ask that you do not have in-person patrol or scouting related events. If you can accomplish something online then absolutely get together (with parent’s permission). If you’d like access to a conference call number for your patrol to use contact Mr. Wood who can provide one to use.

Stay Healthy

With all the calls for social distancing let’s keep in mind that we shouldn’t be scared of other people. We are asked to keep a distance of 6 feet and not gather in large groups, but that should not keep us from waving at our neighbors and checking in on each other when you see them in their driveway or yard. A lot of people are now hunkering down at home, which can bring it’s own hardships and mental stress. Seeing a friendly face and hearing a cheerful voice may completely make someone’s day!