Thursday, May 31st – Retrieve Flags for Memorial Day

It is an honor for our boys to post flags at the grave sites of our veterans. Each year for Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day we post flags and then the following week retrieve them. Parents, it doesn’t take long to do the retrieval, so please stick around.

  • When: Thursday, May 31st, 5:30 PM (SHARP!)  for Retrieval.
  • Event Lead: Mr. Wood
  • Location: Cemetery on KY 18 next to the Fire Station just down from IHM.
  • Who: Any scout.
  • Uniform: Class A
  • Notes:
    • It does not take long to pick up the flags. Please arrive by 5:25 PM or earlier in order to be counted! If you show up at 5:45 PM or 6:00 PM it may all be done by then.
    • Volunteer Scouts be sure to make sure your name gets recorded by Mr Wood so you can get credit for extra Super Scout points!
    • Bring rain gear as it may rain. If it is lightning in the area the retrieval will be postponed.

Sunday, June 3rd – Troop Meeting

  • When:
    • PLC: 3:30 PM -4:00 PM – Regular PLC meeting
    • All Scouts: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Location: Britt Hall, IHM
  • Who: All Scouts and Adult Leaders
  • Uniform: Class B uniform (red troop shirts if you have them or a scouting shirt of some kind) is in effect until after Labor day.
  • Notes:
    • Regular PLC Meeting before the meeting
    • This would be a great time to turn in your updated medical forms with A, B & C completed. Remember, you need a completed C if you are attending Yellowstone or Ransburg. Seabase participants need a different form C specific to Seabase.


The next troop meeting is scheduled for June 3rd at Britt Hall. There will be an advancement meeting on Thursday, June 28th at Acree Hall.

Upcoming Deadlines

We have a few deadlines for things coming up.

  • All payments should be in for Camp Ransburg and Yellowstone
  • June 3rd – Deadline to sign up for the Pottery MB
  • June 10th – Last day to sign up for the Day Hike on June 30th
  • July 15th is the last chance for Patrol Leaders to turn in Patrol Award sheets for the August CoH


Make up Swim Tests – June 6th

If you missed the annual swim tests earlier in the month we will be having a make up day on June 6th. Time is not set yet, but it will be in the evening hours. As a reminder, you must take the swim test each year if you plan on doing any activities in the water with the troop, at camp or on high adventure trips. If you are attending Yellowstone, Ransburg or Seasbase you MUST have a valid swim test for the year. Also, the troop is planning a scuba event in December (in an indoor pool), and you MUST have a valid swim test in order to participate.

This will be the last organized troop swim test for the year.

Change in Committee & Scoutmaster Meeting in June

Due to scheduling between Yellowstone and NYLT the SM meeting for June has been cancelled and the Committee meeting moved to June 7th. The committee meeting will still be at 7 PM at IHM. If you’d like to get on the agenda for either the Scoutmaster meeting or committee meeting please contact Mr. Wood or Mr. Ihrig respectively.

Pottery Merit Badge

Mrs. Hirsch is going to offering Pottery Merit Badge. She’s made arrangements with a local artist who will teach the scouts about Pottery, including letting them make their own pottery! This will be a multi-session event. Scouts headed to Yellowstone will take advantage of the trip to work on one of the requirements to view various types of pottery, but this is open to any scout that wishes to join. We will start with a cap of 15 scouts in the first class and see if there is interest in another class.

The first session will be on Friday, June 8th at the Boone County Library from 6 – 9 PM. The second session will be either end of June or in July after we return from Yellowstone. For that session we are attempting to arrange the session to be held at NKU and would include looking at the different types of kilns.

If you have an interest please sign up online or sign the sheet at the next meeting. Deadline to sign up will be at the meeting on June 3rd. There are some material costs of about $20.

Summer Camp

Yes, there is room at Summer camp! The Early Bird and Regular Pricing has passed, but if you still want to attend summer camp you can. The total, including transport, shirt, etc. would be $390. Please talk to Mr. Davies, Mr. Ihrig or Mr. Wood.