Thursday, May 7th – PLC Meeting

  • When: 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM
  • Location: Via Zoom Meeting
  • Who: The full Patrol Leaders Council. If you can’t make it, please send a representative for your patrol
  • Event Lead: SPL
  • Notes:
    • This PLC meeting was scheduled during the normal PLC meeting prior to the last Troop meeting
    • Discussions will be about a Virtual Campout event


All in-person troop meetings and activities are currently on hold. The next Troop Meeting will be held online on Sunday, May 31st. We will have scheduled online Advancement meetings most Thursdays for the next several weeks.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • August 9th is the last day to turn in Patrol Award sheets prior to the Summer Court of Honor
  • November 22nd is the last day to turn in Patrol Award sheets prior to the Winter Court of Honor

You can contact Mr. Wood or Mr. Goetz to get an address to mail payments to.

Online Advancement

Thank you to all the scouts who have taken advantage of the online rank advancement meetings we’ve been having. We will not be having a session this week; however, the next session is May 14th. Note that the time for that week is shifted so that the adults can also make the committee meeting.

Please understand that we may not be able to get to all requirements online, but we will do the best we can. We may have to have multiple times with a scout to get through everything they want to achieve. Also, we will not be doing Scoutmaster Conferences or Board of Reviews through this signup. If you need a Scoutmaster Conference or Board, please email Mr. Wood or use our online request form. We can do the Scoutmaster conferences and board’s remotely as well!

SIGN UP for a Rank Advancement Meeting slot!

In-person Events Still on Hold

All of our in-person events are still currently on hold. While some areas of our state are starting to spin back up again, our in-person troop activities will continue to be on hold. For this month that means that the First Aid/Search and Rescue Campout has been cancelled, and we are looking for a makeup date for the Fishing Derby to be held in the future. The City of Florence has cancelled the Memorial Day Parade.

While our in-person events are on hold the PLC has been thinking of ways to do some more digital activities. They are looking at thinking through a virtual campout experience, as well as how we might be able to pull of a “Drive In” Court of Honor!

Learning the EDGE Method

Many of our scouts would recognize the EDGE method of teaching skills. It’s the way scouts are taught to teach others. If you aren’t familiar with it or need a reminder, check out one of our very own Eagle Scouts covering the EDGE method on the Dan Beard Facebook site. For the New scouts, this would be a good lesson to watch so that you be prepared for the Tenderfoot requirement #8.

Ransburg Update

The Crossroads Council, which Camp Ransburg is a part of, has made the hard decision to cancel their in-person summer camp plans for 2020. We have already communicated via email to the scouts who were originally signed up to go.

While this news isn’t great, please remember the Scoutmaster minute from this last week where you have the chance to look at this obstacle as an opportunity. Since we can’t attend Ransburg, what will you take the opportunity to do instead?

While this obstacle has some scouts to not be able to make to summer camp, it has opened up the opportunity for many more scouts to potentially have a scouting experience this summer! The Ransburg camp is going to be offering some online opportunities for scouts this summer which will include Merit Badges and other skills. You can find out more about this opportunity on their website at While it’s not summer camp, it is an opportunity to advance in scouting and it’s taught by some of the same people you would have been interacting with at camp. These sessions are a full week’s worth of content. Each scout would sign up for these individually if they are interested. It is likely that we will see many opportunities like this across the country this summer as camps and councils find ways to help scouts continue their scouting journeys virtually.

Mother’s Day

Hey scouts, don’t forget that this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day! The troop leadership would like to thank all the Mother’s of our scouts for being supportive. We appreciate all of you greatly. We hope you have a great Mother’s day.