Saturday, May 12th- Maintenance Day

Maintenance days are really important so that we can be prepared when we go on our outings! There is a lot of work to do this weekend to get our gear in order. We need all the help we can get! Please note that we request that all scouts make at least one of the maintenance days throughout the year. The next one is in July.

  • When: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Location: IHM Parking lot near Acree Hall
  • Who: ALL Scouts
  • Uniform: Class B
  • Event Lead: Z. Smith
  • Notes:
    • Please bring a packed lunch, a full water bottle and some sun screen
    • We will be working to check our gear, clean out the trailer and cage
    • If you are on the PLC and can NOT make this event please contact your PL or the SPL with the reason why


The next troop meeting is scheduled for May 27th at Britt Hall. There will be an advancement meeting on Thursday, May 24th at Acree Hall.

Upcoming Deadlines

We have a few deadlines for things coming up.

  • June 3rd – Deadline to sign up for the Pottery MB
  • June 10th – Last day to sign up for the Day Hike on June 30th
  • July 15th is the last chance for Patrol Leaders to turn in Patrol Award sheets for the August CoH


Donut Fundraiser – May 19th & 20th

It’s that time of year again… DONUTS! We work with the Knights of Columbus at IHM to sell Holy Donuts each year. This is great fund raiser for us.

DO NOT use the regular troop sign up form!! A special sign up sheet will be sent separately this week!

There is limited space on the donuts sign ups! We need both Scouts and Adults to volunteer for the event. This does count as one of the mandatory fundraisers you have to work in the year, but space is limited just due to the size of the trailer and the work we have to do. Also, we do recognize that this is the same weekend as WHOA weekend, so if you are not going to the campout, please see if you can sign up for a shift.


Medical Forms Update

Have you updated your medical forms lately? We have to have a form A & B for all scouts attending any of our overnight events, or events that might have some element of high activity (such as climbing, hiking, etc.). A review of the forms we have show that almost all scouts (and adults) need to update their medical forms! If you are going to summer camp or Yellowstone you must also fill out the C form. Please have these completed and turned in at the next meeting if you can. Note that Seabase participants must also fill out a specialized C form. If you are going to Seabase and Yellowstone or Summer camp you need to fill out both the special Seabase C form and the regular BSA C form. Note section B is two pages long.

Get forms A & B only
Get forms A, B & C
Seabase form A, B & special C


Yellowstone Participant Meeting – Monday, May 21st – 7 to 8 PM

We are having a mandatory Yellowstone shake down meeting on Monday, May 21st from 7 – 8 PM at Acree Hall. This meeting will cover final paperwork, packing lists, expectations for special dates, full itinerary review and answer any questions you may have. You’ll also be able to order additional trip shirts (budget includes 1 trip shirt already) and purchase extra class B shirts that night if you want them. Please reserve this time on your calendar. If you have your medical form AB&C you can bring them to this meeting as well.

Memorial Day Flags – on May 24th and 31st

It is an honor for our Scouts to post flags at the grave sites of our veterans. Each year for Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day we post flags and then the following week retrieve them. This year we will be posting flags on Thursday, May 24th. Note that the more scouts we have the quicker this goes. Participating in posting and retrieving the flags count as service hours and gets you double Super Scout points! The times will be at 5:30 PM sharp both days until we are done. On the 24th scouts can then just come straight over to the advancement meeting at Acree Hall.


Memorial Day Parade – on May 28th

It’s a tradition for the troop to march in the Memorial Day parade in Florence! We walk the route from the Boone County High School down to the government center and hand out candy to the spectators. It’s usually a ton of fun and it also help show our community our scouting spirit. This year Pack 727 and Crew 727 will also be along with us. Please look for additional information as we get closer, but mark it off in your calendar for Monday morning. We are usually showing up 9 AM and done around 11 or 11:30 AM.


Pottery Merit Badge

Mrs. Hirsch is going to offering Pottery Merit Badge. She’s made arrangements with a local artist who will teach the scouts about Pottery, including letting them make their own pottery! This will be a multi-session event. Scouts headed to Yellowstone will take advantage of the trip to work on one of the requirements to view various types of pottery, but this is open to any scout that wishes to join. We will start with a cap of 15 scouts in the first class and see if there is interest in another class.

The first session will be on Friday, June 8th at the Boone County Library (time TBD). The second session will be either end of June or in July after we return from Yellowstone. For that session we are attempting to arrange the session to be held at NKU and would include looking at the different types of kilns.

If you have an interest please sign up online or sign the sheet at the next meeting. Deadline to sign up will be at the meeting on June 3rd. There are some material costs of about $20.

WHOA Weekend, May 18-20th

If you signed up for the WHOA weekend be looking for additional information coming your way in the next weekly update on pickup/drop off times, etc. The campout is at Camp Michaels.

Summer Camp

Yes, there is room at Summer camp! The Early Bird Pricing has passed, but if you still want to attend summer camp the cost only went up by $20. The total, including transport, shirt, etc. would be $370. Please talk to Mr. Davies, Mr. Ihrig or Mr. Wood.