The next Troop Meeting will be held on Sunday, November 8th. The next online advancement meeting slots are scheduled for October 29th. You can sign up for a slot on our Sign-Up Genius form.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • November 22nd is the last day to turn in Patrol Award sheets prior to the Winter Court of Honor

You can contact Mr. Wood or Mr. Goetz to get an address to mail payments to.

Flag Posting for Veteran’s Day – Monday, Nov 2nd

It is an honor for our boys to post flags at the grave sites of our veterans. Each year for Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day we post flags and then the following week retrieve them.

  • When: Monday, Nov 2nd, 4:30 PM (SHARP!)  for Posting.
  • Event Lead: Flag Instructor
  • Location: Cemetery on KY 18 next to the Fire Station just down from IHM.
  • Who: Any scout. Please see the recent email about the plan
  • Uniform: Class A
  • Notes:
    • It does not take long to put out the flags. Please arrive by 4:25 PM or earlier in order to be counted! If you show up at 5 or 5:15 it may all be done by then
    • Please make sure everyone has a mask
    • Please come with a scout and one or more family members who can work together as a team so that we can reduce interactions between scouts not in the same household
    • Do please bring a head lamp or flashlight as it will be getting dark very quickly
    • Volunteer Scouts be sure to make sure your name gets recorded by the Flag Instructor so you can get credit for extra Super Scout points!
    • Retrieval for the flags is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 17th at 4:30 PM Sharp

November Campout – Nov 14-16th

We are looking at having an in-person campout the weekend of Nov 14th-16th, but it will depend on several factors. We are trying to find a location where we can camp first that meets our needs, but we do have all the necessary adults for the event. We originally were going to be backpacking that weekend, but with the restrictions, we have around COVID at this time that plan is not workable.

Please put this campout on your calendar! If for some reason we can not have a full campout there is likely to be a combination of a virtual campout during the nights, plus an in-person scout skills day on that Saturday.

If you have an interest in going on the campout either way (virtual with an in-person element on Saturday, or full campout), please register online by using our Sign Up form, or email the Scoutmaster. Space may be limited based on materials (tents, etc.)

Recharter for 2021

Each year we go through the Recharter process, which means we determine who wants to sign up again with us for another year of adventure. This is also when we collected dues for the following year. The dues are a combination of National BSA dues, plus troop specific dues. This year National has indicated that it will be raising dues by $6 over last year. The Dan Beard Council, and Troop 727, are keeping their portion of the overall dues the same. We would like to collect all dues and have our recharter completed by the end of November, which we understand can be tight both as a timeline and monetarily.

The recharter form is live, so if you haven’t filled it out, please do so by visiting If you have any questions regarding the recharter process, please contact Mr. Krebs, our Membership Committee Chair, or Mr. Ihrig, our Committee Chair. An email will be coming out soon to provide additional details.