Toop Activity This Week

Maintenance Day, Saturday May 2nd

  • Who: Troop Quartermaster, Tiger Patrol, Thundersharks Patrol and Canada Scouts that did not attend on February 7th.
  • What: Maintenance Day
  • Where: Acree Hall
  • When: 9am-12pm
  • Uniform: Class B

Troop Meeting, Sunday May 3rd

  • Who: Scouts and Troop Leaders
  • What: Troop Meeting
  • Where: Acree Hall
  • When:
    • PLC: 3:30-4 PM
    • All Scouts: 4-6 PM
  • Uniform: Class A


Superscout Hints: May is a great month to collect Superscout points!

Merit Badges

Merit badges offered by the troop this May is First Aid and Swimming. Check-out the troop calendar.


 All the yearbooks have been accounted for. If you would like to order one please go HERE to get one.  They are $20…We will submit a final order on May 1st.

The following people need to pick up their books:

  1. Zachary Hagins
  2. Mike O’Connor
  3. Andrew Topmiller
  4. Xander Cummings

Summer Camp 2015

Important: At this point you should have paid 50% of summer camp tuition. Register Here if you want to go to Summer Camp. It’s not too late to sign up..

Summer Camp 2015 will be at Ransburg, Indiana this year. The dates are July 26-August 1, 2015, Cost is $285. Below is the payment plan if you would like to break up the payment.

  1. February 8th Payment: $71.25
  2. March 8th Payment: $71.25 (Must have 50% of payment)
  3. April 12th Payment: $71.25
  4. April 26th Payment: $71.25
  5. Final payment deadline for troop is May 1st(Finalizing payments after this date, there is a $25 late registration fee due Ransburg)
  6. Ransburg Summer Camp.
  7. ASM Reese Davies is our Summer Camp Coordinator this year. Please contact him for questions or submission of your schedules.

Scout Strong Fitness Program:

Some of you may be completed. Still not too late to work on this program. Print off your certificate or completion email and give to your scoutmaster. This is an ongoing program, scouts and adults are encouraged to exercise daily, log your fitness activity for 5 of 7 days and 6 of 8 weeks. Once you complete the program you receive the presidential fitness award and can wear on your uniform permanently. Bring the online certificate to your scoutmaster and you will be presented with the award patch. There is a link on our web page.

Troop Apparel: Troop Sweatshirts, Polo’s and Red Caps/Beanies.

We would like to make another order by May 8th however, we need at least 12 orders to get the better price. If we do not get enough orders we will wait until the Fall to place the order with hopes we will have more orders. 

  • T-Shirts-$12
  • Sweatshirts-$22
  • Polo Shirts-$21
  • Name on shirt-$3
  • Baseball Caps w/Troop Logo Embroidered-$12
  • Beanie Caps w/Troop Logo Embroidered-$10

To place an order, click HERE. When you place your order, please list size, quantity, and name(s) that will go on the sweatshirt/Polo. If no name, please list- No Name